Let's like motorcycles

For the two-wheeled enthusiasts and lovers who enjoy riding motorbikes, you will agree m0t0rbikingthat motor bikes offer awesome experiences on the roads, meaning that you not only enjoy the convenience of navigating easily through traffic but there is the joy of sight-seeing great landscapes and the fun and the thrilling sensation as you ride along the roads in full speed while performing some breath-taking maneuverings.
Maybe it’s the risks involved in riding a motor bike which makes the experience more thrilling and heightens the level of fun while being so close to the purest forms of nature and beautiful sceneries whose presence makes a biking adventure quiet overwhelming while all along causing negligible damage to Mother Nature since the emissions of carbon from the bikes are minimal than it would be the case of a four-wheeled machine.
I started out life in a small town near with a single mother who raised me in the quiet cornfields of the Midwest in a large house that her mother, my grandmother, left to us. I went through high school and played on the basketball team and excelled at countless sports as a teenager and even into adulthood. I started training to become an amateur mixed martial arts fighter in the Midwest, going to places like Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin to compete with other hopefuls that would punch, kick and wrestle other opponents inside a cage for cash prizes or bragging rights.
That led me to bicycling for training, which I did, then eventually decided to embark on a bike trip across the country. I have traveled the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Western Europe. I got robbed in Peru and Mexico. I learned new languages. All of these moments in my life have culminated up to the point that I bought my first dream motorcycle.
My life in my teens and 20s proved that I am a thrill seeker and adventurist, as well as a hobbyist and outdoors enthusiast. The bottom line is that like to maintain excitement in my life. This must be the reaction in me to the monotony of the Midwestern living that brought expectation and predictability with it.
A departure from this is most refreshing for the soul. But we all have to rest, at least sometimes. I decided to rest after my grandmother passed away from breast cancer. I decided to really get serious about both my health and my fitness after that, so I began dieting better and working out again in serious routine.
My grandmother left me her motorcycle after she died from the advanced stages of breast cancer that claim so many lives in my country and around the world. It was practically brand new and she had only ridden it a few times with a former boyfriend (my grandfather and her separated long ago and he moved abroad). Riding this motorcycle actually made me get into shape.
Because I knew that the motorcycle had officially replaced my bicycle, I was motivated to stay in shape through working out and eating better. Every day after completing a grueling workout routine, I would reward myself with a ride on the highway on my hog. I love that feeling of freedom and exhilaration. The wind blowing past my face and the world in front of me, it seems as if I am totally free, if just for a few moments in time.
I have taken a lot of risks in my life and done risky things. I was robbed at gunpoint in another country where nobody speaks English. I have engaged in rough physical activity through sports like martial arts, wrestling and boxing. I have been seriously wounded when on camping excursions across the North American wilderness. This is the nature of a young thrill seeker and someone that knows what true freedom really is.
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Freedom is something unique.

It means you are free to take risks and accept responsibility for the outcome from those risks. But I am aging into my 30s now and I have children to take care of, as well as a demanding relationship with my fiancé. She wasn’t thrilled about the motorcycle I got as a gift until later on.

Risks on my motorcycle

I try not take too many risks on my motorcycle, as riding it is already a big risk anyway, plus since my grandmother died from breast cancer I have had a newfound appreciation for the fragile nature of life itself. Somehow, I feel like my grandmother knew that this motorcycle would be the greatest gift she could leave me in terms of physical, material goods. She knew that it would mean more than simply having a shiny new toy. I would remember her by this vehicle that represents freedom and excitement, everything my grandma loved so much about me.

Moments of clarity

I learned a great deal about myself after owning this motorcycle. Riding gave me the moments of clarity needed to grow into adulthood, as I was able to reflect on my choices in life and what makes me tick. The motorcycle has become an extension of myself.

Observing Safety Precautions While Motorbiking

Riding a motor cycle is a common means of transport. It’s popular for various reasons like being cheap and convenient, great exercise which
allows you to have good view of some beautiful sceneries and it’s known to cut down on travel time especially duringdud3b1k1ng rush-hour.

Road accident has been a serious issue over the recent years and most accidents in the recent past have occurred among motor cycle riders
because they seem to be ignorant of the safety procedures to observe while on the roads. The main cause could lack of knowledge about safety
rules to conserve while cycling. Many motorcyclists drive carelessly and unknowingly and end up causing uncertainties in the road.

Motorcycles are few in in our roads than cars, but account for great number of road user deaths. Many people put off the idea of cycling
because they don’t like it especially in traffic but their others who use busy roads every time without a problem. This is because they cycle
safely and make sure that drivers know they are there. Once you know the basics of road cycling you will ever enjoy this journey.

Safety Gear and Clothing used by Motor-bikers

Cyclists needs to wear protective clothing and gear so as to keep safe while cycling. These protective clothing helps them remain safe even after a crash on the road or an accidents. To improve motorcycle safety many nations worldwide requires motor-bikers to wear protective clothing like helmets, gloves, armor, boots and jacket.
Cyclists should wear protective clothing when on the roads to protect themselves against injuries from falling off or hitting other riders and bikes. This ensures they are fully protected in case of the unlikely event of an accident.
There are several number of protective clothing that can be looked out by motor-bikers…


Generally most of the gloves in the market are made of leather. They are usually worn on hands. They protects cyclists wrists from injuries and also drafts in colder climates. The best material for gloves is leather since it offers good protection during crush. They should be fitting and able to cover your hand and wrist fully and they also need to be waterproof.


It is a protective gear used by motorcycle riders. It is usually worn in the head hence described as headgear. h3lm3tIts main aim is to protect the rider’s head from injuries during impact and especially the face. Wearing a helmet reduces injuries and increases chances of surviving a crash. Also while riding, specks or other elements in the air such as insects could easily cause distraction and hence accidents if a rider has no helmet worn and the speck or insect finds its way to the riders eyes.


It protects motorcycle riders from accident. They are mainly fitted on shoulders, knees, elbows, hips, chest and also in the back.


These are shoes worn byb00ti3s motorcycle riders to reduce or prevent harm to their feet. They also offer protection on the heels. Owing that legs are the likely part to be injured during an accident, cyclists should wear boots to minimize chances of being injured. They should be comfortable and fitting so as to be able to control yourself while riding. They need to be waterproof so as to protect cold on your legs.


Jackets offers protection in case of an accident and also protects the rider from cold weather. A jacket should be heavy, fitting and made from a material that does not crush easily on the road surface. By doing so you will be able to protect your a rider from cold wind. A jacket should be able to cover you fully so as to avoid leaving some parts uncovered which may be injured in case of an accident.


I really miss my bike. I was thinking about getting a new one.
I usually feel more in control while riding than driving a car.